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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just finished painting with Jill....

Last week I attended a seminar with Jill MacFarland. What a wonderful experience. Jill is a beautiful painter and being that she is living in Florida, what better subject to paint than mermaids. I painted mine on a large round wood tray. I think she turned out great - although I will have to tweek her a bit more. She has a Jennifer Lopez look to her rear and I feel the need to tone it down some. One of my painting friends said Jill's mermaid was a little more innocent than mine - well, what can you do when the rap song "I like big butts" keeps running through your head while you are painting?? Now, what to do with her? I could use her in my bathroom to hold towels or hang it on the walls? I just might hang her on the wall in my paint room, I do like looking at her and the colors are so pretty.

I have several comments from bloggers asking about "decorative painting". I have drawn and painted my whole life but discovered "decorative painting" in 1982. I found that anyone can learn to paint. There is a saying I have heard for years - "if you can learn to write, you can learn to paint". With this style of painting you do not have to know how to draw. I am blessed that I can draw anything I can see but not everyone has that ability. Today you can purchase graphite paper and tracing paper in the art store. This allows you to transfer any picture to a piece of wood or canvas. There are classes being taught on-line and in many of the craft and hobby stores. With just a few lessons you could be on your way to painting gifts for family and friends or items for your home. We have many beautiful painters in our organization, National Society of Decorative Painter, and their work has been recognized all over the world including the White House, where we have supplied Christmas ornaments for the trees almost every year. And we have a Museum in Atlanta - The Decorative Arts Collection - which I hope to visit this year. So, if you have an interest in painting check out www.decorativepainters.org, under Chapter Information, click on "how to find a chapter". This will direct you to chapters and a point of contact anywhere in the world. From there you can contact the local Chapter President and she/he will be more than happy to give you all the information you will need to get started. Good Luck!

Now, here is my mermaid - I will post my angel as soon as I complete it.


  1. What a lovely mermaid. Your painting is a delight. I love decorative painting. I used to teach classes years ago. So much fun. I don't do very much of it now, however. I was delighted to have you visit and leave a message. I enjoy meeting new people so much.

  2. Hi Brenda, I love your mermaid painting. Just lovely. You are one talented lady.

    I also love what you said about the decorative arts. It is so true. I actually started to paint around the same time. I did not become a member of SDP till 88. I just got an email this week from the society. Did you get it too? Your promotion is perfect to go along with what the society talked about in that email. Sharing the artform.

    I just love your blog. So inspiring.
    Thanks for stopping by sweetie.
    Good luck in my giveaway.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  3. Thanks, Celestina, I did get the email from SDP. Wish I could find more painting blogs but I am fairly new to this so I spend a lot of time checking out the blogs others have posted. Thanks for the sweet compliment.


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