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Sunday, October 11, 2009

And the winner is.....

Rebecca - ChristmasGal. What a funny drawing today. We went to my grand daughter, Mackenzie's, Fall Festival Pow Wow at her school. I typed up everyone's name and put them in the bag for her to draw from. The very first name out was my sister's. So we decided to try again - tada.. there was our winner - ChristmasGal. My sister Barbara in Pennsylvania said she wanted another winner picked because not only does she have a snowman but she can come down and get whatever she wants. So to be fair we had to draw another name. And then you have to have a second place winner - Julia from Foley, and a third place - Kay from GW, California. I will get your items off to all of you this week. Congrats to all of you and a special thank you for everyone who participated. I never thought I would enjoy having a blog but I am beginning to love it after meeting so many nice people. Can't wait til December - I may have to have another giveaway.

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  1. congratulations to all the winners!! and happy birthday to you :))


I am so happy you came for a visit and I love reading your comments. I hope you will check back with me often. Until then, I will be at my easel - Happy Painting.