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Monday, September 5, 2011

I love weddings!!

Last month my great nephew married his true love, Rebecca, in New York.  I was fortunate to be able to attend.  The wedding was beautiful - from the bridesmaid's blue dresses to Rebecca's beautiful lace gown.  And my nephew look quite handsome in his tux.  One of the traditions at the weddings I have attended up north is the giving of a monetary gift in an envelope - vice the giving of a wrapped gift.  Pretty good, huh?  Here in the south we give gifts more often than money but I like this idea.  My talented nephew (the groom's father) built this beautiful box to hold the envelopes during the wedding.  This box is approximately 18" wide.  I promised to paint it for them and I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  Now that the wedding is over they will be able to use the box in their home to store keepsakes.  Such a nice tradition, wish my children had one when they married.  Now, all I need are a few photos of the wedding - that will come in a later post. 

Hope all of you in the path of the past two storms have made it through without damages.  We are still experiencing the wrath of TS Lee - it is so windy and it rains off and on.  The good news is we needed the rain and the wind has cooled down the 100 degree temps.  Tonight it will be around 61 degrees - record lows for us.  So I am off to get my blankie - I love it when it is cool at night!


  1. The box is beautiful, and the wedding sounds great.
    I always enjoy the things you paint..you have such a great talent!
    We are getting torrential rain right now..I just came in and it was hard to drive!
    happy Painting and God Bless!

  2. We are going to get a lot of rain from Lee over the next 2 days!!
    The chest is stunning!!
    I am having a Halloween Giveaway... Come on over!!

  3. What a pretty box for cards and for keepsakes later. I love the blue colors!


  4. What a beautiful keepsake chest! Glad you've some reprieve from the scorching heat and glad you've faired well with the storms. Enjoy the cool nights as we are soon to get close to triple digit temps here in the Pacific Northwest.


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