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Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday

Less than 12 weeks before Christmas - Can you believe it??  Maybe it's my age but time seems to fly by - my body says I am getting older faster but in my mind I still feel and think young.  Oh, well, it is what it is.  I have been very busy lately with grandchildren and painting Christmas ornaments for my ETSY shop - which has the same name as my blog.  I have been painting for more than thirty years and have accumulated a lot of stuff.  Now I find I want to destash my little "studio" and clear out some of my clutter - besides, my children's biggest fear is that I will leave all of that "stuff", as they so lovingly call it, to them.  While going through some of the cabinets this weekend I found a box of ribbon I had forgotten about.  So in my attempt to declutter I made these ribbon pinecone ornaments with the ribbon I found.  And of course I gravitate to the ribbon with pink circles.  This was my first attempt to making this ornament and I wasn't sure how to do it.  I have one given to me by a friend but I didn't want to take it apart so I just looked it over really good and went from there.  I think it turned out nice so while watching Dancing with the Stars tonight I will make a few more.  

Ever come up with an idea and then say to yourself  "What was I thinking?"  I found a box of vintage ornaments that were given to my daughter by her mother-in-law.  They are hand blown in Poland and very fragile.  While trying to paint on one I held it too tightly and it shattered in my hand so I decided to try something simpler - a bow and a rose.  Then I thought it looked too plain so I added the little snow pellets - but still needed something more so I hung a "snow drop" inside the ornament.  I stood back and admired my little creation.  Then my sweet angel, Sofie Rose, who sits on my right shoulder, said to me "Sugar, that turned out nice!"  Then I have the other angel that sits on my left shoulder, Suzanna Jane (named after my fictional sister) - you know the one - the one that tells it like it is.  She said "Girl, what were you thinking!!  Who would hang a snow drop made of glass inside a very fragile glass ornament?"  And she was right - one whack against that glass and the ornament is a goner!!  I just love those little angels.  Although it would have been nice to hear from them before I put that glass snow drop in every one of those fragile glass ornaments.

I will be linking up with How Sweet the Sound's Pink Saturday this week, I am just a little early in my postings.  Stop by and see what other goodies everyone is posting. 


  1. So, so beautiful things in your Etsy shop!! Have a Great Week!!

  2. This ornament is very pretty!! It would look really great on a Victorian themed tree.

  3. Hi Brenda!
    Thank you for your visit and entering my giveaway!!
    Your ornaments are spectacular! Just perfect for a Victorian Christmas!!
    Have fun making more!
    Lynn - teacupstitches

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Brenda! Your ornaments are adorable! Love your work! Have a lovely weekend.


  5. You are doing a marvelous job on the ornaments. I bet you have the prettiest decorated tree in your neighborhood.

  6. You make the most beautiful ornaments Brenda!!

  7. Brenda your ornament is beautiful!

  8. Wow, you prepare early for Christmas. When it comes to holidays, I am still thinking Columbus Day!


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