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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow??? Not!

I spoke with my sister in Pennsylvania and she told me it was snowing on her mountain!!  I can't even imagine snow anytime of the year - but it seems to be a bit early for the good folks in Pennsylvania.  I am sure it is a beauty to look at especially when it is covering the ground.  So, for her, I am sending pictures of her home state - Florida.  I want her to remember what it is like here - this isn't snow even though it is the same color - it is the beautiful sands of Pensacola Beach after the storm washed ashore and covered the roads.  When we drove down Fort Pickens Road the mounds of sand made me wonder if this is what it looks like when the snow is shoveled to the side of the road.  So, for you Barbara, Florida beckons - if it gets too bad up there in the mountains - head for home.  We might be able to give you the look without the cold and wet!! 


  1. The sand sure does look like snow We did not get snow yet but it will be too soon.Your blog is very nice Laura

  2. I truly wish she would get off that mountain and head south...

  3. ^ THat was from me: Felicia


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