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Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas - it get's earlier every year.

The other night I told my husband as I laid in bed watching TV that I saw my first Christmas commercial from the big hardware store - and it was only the first of November!!  (He didn't answer since it only takes him two minutes to fall asleep when he hits the bed - takes me an hour!!)  Actually, I don't mind the Christmas commercials and advertising in the stores being out so early.  I love the excitement and the feelings you get when it is time to start preparing.  We have always felt that Thanksgiving is the beginning of a month long Christmas celebration by first giving thanks for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us.  Then by making home made gifts for our family and friends, shopping a little, and planning Santas visit to our home at our family only Christmas Eve dinner.  I am so glad that there is a lot of time in between to enjoy the anticipation - especially when there are little ones around.

Now, as you know I love to teach painting every chance I get.  This week I taught this sweet Santa to a group of my painting club friends.  You never know what they will show up with to paint on - small round wood salad bowls, a triangle shaped wood purse - as for me I painted mine on a 13" silver tray.  I love silver but I do not like cleaning it so once it has reached a point of no return - on with the paint.  Haven't decided what I will do with it yet - perhaps I will display it on a small tripod or maybe I will list it in my shop.  I really do not need another Christmas platter or decoration - my husband had a storage building built just to hold the decorations!!  But you can never have too many when there are grandchildren around - they have always wanted to "take this home with me" every year so I must have more!!  So, I am off to Old Tyme Pottery this morning even though it is freezing outside (it was suppose to get down to 38 degrees last night but thank goodness it will be back up to 78 degrees by Tuesday).  Just can't stand the cold!
I know this is really not pink but I was running out of things to write about.  It does have a pink rose, hope that counts.  Check out Pink Saturday at Ms. Beverly's.


  1. Brenda...thank you for visiting me today~ Looking at your Etsy shoppe looks like you've been a bizzeeeee girl! All is just lovely my talented friend~

    I love your take on the early ads. They are what they are. It is upsetting to a lot of people but it doesn't bother me. Now...Christmas music isn't allowed :) until T-day is over in my opinion! LOL

    Blessings for a lovely Veteran's Day weekend. Be safe. Wish I could see that air show!


  2. It's never too early to start if you're making the decorations. (Guess what my post is about this week, lol.) LOVE your Santa!

    Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

  3. Hi Brenda,
    This is so cute! I just love your painting! I start thinking of Christmas in July every year. Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend.


  4. Gotta smile at Santa !
    We are in SouthEast Ga. and our heat went out ... it was down to 35* and all I can say is brrrrrrrrrrr. We got it fixed today YAY !
    but I think I would venture out to the Pottery if one were close enough.

  5. Hi Brenda Sweetie...
    Oh how precious is this share today. I love it that Santa loves roses as well. If you decide to add this to your Etsy shoppe please let me know. It needs a little easel for sure, it would be the perfect touch to display it, and I have the perfect place for it. Be sure and let me know.

    Thank you for sharing sweet friend. Your work totally amazes me, and I SO wish I lived close by, I would sitting in every one of your workshops. I have always wanted to learn.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. Cute painting. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane

  7. Well I love the little plate, pink or not. :)

  8. This s the sweetest Santa and the pink rose counts. You can tell Ms. Beverly I said so. smile. I am older than she is and we have been friends for 41 years. So I have some clout. HA!

    We live in the Mountains in NC. It has already snowed on the highest mountains. I don't mind the cold. Fl. was my home until almost five years ago. We love the change of seasons.

    How wonderful that you teach people to paint.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. He's very cute Brenda and like you, I don't mind Christmas starting in November.
    Thanks for sharing this project at Simply Christmas Inspiration Party.
    Festive hugs ~ Kerryanne


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