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Friday, February 24, 2012

Pink Chickens and Ipad-itis .....

Yes, you heard it right - Ipaditis. You see my wonderful hubby gave me an IPAD for Christmas. What an amazing little thing - I fell in love with it as soon as my twelve year old grandchildren showed me how to use it. I even took it to bed with me, it is even better than a laptop!! It weighs practically nothing, I can peruse the internet all I want and it fits in my purse. How easy to just swipe your finger on the screen to move from one blog to the other - but it has its drawbacks, all of that finger motion has irritated my hand which bothered my shoulder - hence - Ipaditis. I figure I will take an Aleve and my Ipad to bed and I know I will feel better in the morning. I may have to deal with a bit of Pinterest-itis since I have become addicted to that website but it will be worth it.

Speaking of Pinterest, isn't that the most addictive website?? I found the cutest chickens (sorry, I don't know who posted it) and they are pink!! How do you get pink chickens? I wonder if they know they are the cutest things around.

I am posting this little darling as I join Ms. Beverly for Pink Saturday.  Stop by and check out the pretty pinks this week at How Sweet The Sound.

Off to bed, I wonder what other pretty pinks I can find tonight on Pinterest.  Talk soon.


  1. I am just the opposite. When we retire we are getting rid of our cell phones & computers & getting "off" the grid. DH & I have had enough of technology!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  2. Those pink chicks are crazy! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  3. Now this truly speaks Spring. Happy Pink Saturday from The Patchwork Ark and Warm Heart Bears!

  4. Love those chickens! Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane (I am #21)

  5. happy pink saturday. thos are wacky chickens! xo

  6. Your PINK is very pretty!
    thanks for sharing...and HAppy PINk SatURday!

    ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  7. Happy Pink Saturday Brenda Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share today. I so enjoyed reading along. Sorry to hear about your IPad-itis. No fun there. See what happens when you get carried away about these darn contraptions? We are so addicted to blogging. Get better soon there dear friend.

    Loved the chickies. The pink is my favorite. I am sure they were colored for the holidays. They do that alot with the baby chicks. Imagine how pretty a whole barn yard would be. I love it.

    Thank you for sharing dear friend. I am so happy to see you out and about again. Hope Hubby is getting back to himself.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  8. Now those are colorful chickens. Very vibrant colors. Happy Pink Sat.


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