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Monday, July 13, 2009

A great day to paint...

It has been a lazy weekend for me - grandchildren are home in the pool, husband is golfing, the weather is too hot to go out, so I just stayed in and painted - with a few breaks to read my favorite blogs. I will be heading to Houston this weekend for the Art Expo - so excited! My friend Sherry, had her husband make us a stand for the clipboards we keep our notes and pictures on during class. Being like most painters, I can't go to an Art Expo with a plain old clipboard - so I painted it!! I used Genesis paint - a heat set paint that does not dry until you heat set it with a embossing heat gun. I have not used these paints in four or five years so I struggled with them for a while but I like the way my rose turned out. The texture is like oil paint - but I still prefer oils over heat set paints.

A litte story - several years ago we had a terrible hurricane named Ivan. It destroyed about 80% of the building I worked in. During the reconstruction phase we had to wear hard hats to enter the building. There is nothing worse than a man handing you a hard hat that has been on someone's sweaty head! So I asked for my own hard hat which they graciously obliged. The very first day I had it one of the construction workers asked to borrow it - well, you know I didn't want it after he used it. Before handing him the hat I removed the foam so it would be easier to clean when I got it back. Then I brought it home and painted flowers on it. You know what, they didn't ask to borrow it again!! Can't imagine why, I thought it was quite pretty and the only one like it on the military base. And they let me keep it as a momento of the 18 months of fighting and stressing over getting the building put back together. Three months after re-opening, I retired! Here is a photo of the hat.


  1. Hi Brenda,

    You are so talented! I love that construction hard hat. I work as a project coordinator for a company that builds hotel and I'm often on the site and I am required to wear a hard hat. I would love to wear that rather than the dull one I have!


  2. omg!!! brenda!!! both your projects are truly truly awesome! my gosh i love your roses! i love the shading and highlight on the clipboard ... the rose is so real. i just love the whole look of the hard hat and the bee ... brilliant touch! you know if you didn't tell ppl it's painted, they would have thought the designs came with the items ... they are just PERFECT looking :)) silly men for not wanting it back! they could have sold it and made tonnes! :P but really ... it's just amazing!

  3. Oh, my goodness! Your roses are so beautiful! What a talent you AND your granddaughter have.


  4. Very pretty! and so nice meeting you!

  5. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I have just spent the last 20 min. looking at yours.... Wow.... Your artwork is sensational!! I do some decorative painting but I aspire to be as good as you!!
    Stop back again!! I am now following your blog!!

  6. I love the story. lol!!!

  7. Was wandering down the cyberstreet and saw your beautiful paintings. What a treat! Your roses are awesome!


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