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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time to start painting ornaments

I know it is only July but I love painting for Christmas. On a recent trip to Joann's Fabrics with my grand daughter Mackenzie, we passed by the dollar bin. There are always an assortment of goodies available but this day they had packages of small wooden spoons. One spoon had an oval shape and the other a round shape. I picked up several packages. I often pick up items I think the grandchildren will like painting on especially when they are only a dollar. I have painted on regular stainless steel spoons before and decided to try a Santa and a Snowman on these. And the color - I love the color pink and the pink rose is my favorite. I will paint the other spoons in shades of cream, aqua, and blue. This time I took a picture before varnishing to avoid the glare.


  1. ahhhhh.... these lovelies again :)) dun think i'll ever tire of these little jewels :)

  2. Hi Brinda,

    WOW! Gorgeous, you are so talented and creative! That's a lot of bang for the buck!!


  3. Hi Brenda...thank you for stopping by to say hello. Your ornaments are lovely!!!

    Have a happy 4th


  4. the spoon ornaments are adorable. Beautiful job & you used pink! TTFN~ Marydon

  5. Hello
    Thank you for stopping in and saying hello...it is always so nice to have a comment such as yours. Your painting is lovely...I wish I was as productive!
    Thanks so much and stop by anytime!

  6. Oh for heavens sake, the spoons are sooo adorable, love that you used the cottage colors, right up my alley!!! That granddaughter of yours is a true beauty. Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog, come back often, Smiles, Janice

  7. Hi Brend,
    For heavens sake, those spoons are so adorable painted in the cottage colors, right up my alley. That grandaughter of yours is a true beauty.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment, please come by often, Smiles, Janice

  8. Lol...I am older than my husband so I can't use that one but it took him awhile to get used to it also. I have to laugh years ago when I started selling he would help me pick up a pc of furniture and I would say "careful don't scratch it!" He would just look at me like I stepped off of mars. But there is a difference between chippy and a scratch! We are a little crazy when you think about it :)

  9. Hello,

    Aren't I glad you have stumbled into my little home (through somebody's blog)here in blogland so I can come through your way :-)

    And what a discovery this is! My, your paintings are beautiful. Well, as of your latest, I'd say one can never be too early for Christmas. Don't they just look cute. I love your roses too. Oh how I love me some roses. They're beautiful, aren't they? And you have a gift of capturing their beauty I see.

    So does this gift of your run in the family? cause your little girl's bumble bee sure is cute - like her :-)

    (to answer your comment: I don't have a header before. So that was a first try for me :-) and glad to know you also enjoyed the measuring cups. How I wish i can say they were mine LOL.)

    I see you like pink. maybe you'd want to join us on Pink Saturday. Miss Beverly (the hostess) would welcome you dearly :-)

  10. Hi Brenda,
    I started to paint ornaments too. I love your santa and snowman spoons. You are such a lovely painter. These are just gorgeous!! I have also painted dozens of santa spoons over the years. And, also pink for my shabby pink ladies. Christmas and ornaments are still my biggest seller along with my light bulb ornies and pink skates. I know you are having fun. The art craft shoppes are stocked with Christmas supplies already. Our temps have been 103 degrees. Hard to think winter holidays but love to paint for Christmas.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Painting!
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  11. Beautiful and creative christmas ornaments! I've tagged you in a post...but if you don't want to participate thats ok.

  12. Hi Brenda,
    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, Carolina Panache, and thank you so much for your very thoughtful and kinds words. You made my day! I am glad you saw HomeKeepers. Actually, I am going to be doing a weekly segment on the show. Some time later this summer I will taping several segments for the show which they will air throughout the week. I am not sure of all the details but as I get more information worked out I will announce it on my blog so keeping watching and keep reading.
    I love your Christmas ornaments - I am crazy about the holidays. When I think that Jesus would leave his throne in Heaven to come to this earth in the form of a baby, live and dwell among mankind, and ultimately lay down His life for me, I just want to celebrate that and tell everybody about that! I start decorating about November 1st and have all my decor in place by Thanksgiving. Then I can enjoy the month between. This year I will re-launch my site Colors of Christmas - that's a blog I started last year to catalog decor, recipes and festivities. I hope you will check it out. It is so nice to get acquainted with you. I'll be around again soon.
    Alisa :-)

  13. I love the pastel colors for the Christmas spoons.....and I especially love the snowman one. I may just try it for myself :D


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