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Monday, June 7, 2010

My flowers

I am not a gardner, I try but most of my plants die so while they are still here I thought I had better get a shot of them. I prefer pink, white and purple flowers. I never buy yellow and I particularly dislike orange colors. So here are my little wonders.

First, My Mimosa tree (I am not sure of the name)

My Crepe Myrtle

My cream color rose

My purple petunia

My pink periwinkle

My striped purple petunia

My dark pink begonias

My flamingo rose (is actually a pink salmon color)

My pink and cream hydrangea

I have more, my gardenias are beautiful this time of the year but they are just about on their last bloom.

AND THEN THERE WAS THIS - IT JUST BLOOMED THIS WEEK - AND IT IS ORANGE!!! He looks yellow in the photo but he is a bright orange. But I don't have the heart to get rid of it, thank goodness it only blooms a short time. He looks really odd with all the pinks and purples.


  1. very pretty. i love the way mimosa smells, mine is blooming,too.

  2. All the flowers are beautiful! My favorites are the cream rose and the salmon rose-I'm a rose lover.

  3. Lovely pictures, and yes it is a Mimosa, also known as Silk Tree, or Cigar Tree, or Bean Tree. I like Silk Tree. I love them and miss not having one in our new home, need to get one.


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