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Friday, August 6, 2010

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday sure comes around fast!! I am posting a little early because I have a meeting tomorrow with our painting club and won't be home til late. I didn't want to miss this fun party so I hope you don't mind. I have always loved the 1957 T-Bird and thought it was the one car I would just love to have and it should be pink. Of course, I don't have a pink T-bird as of yet and probably never will - I have sat in one and found out it isn't the most comfortable ride and very hard for me to get out of (too low to the ground). My wonderful nephew, Frankie, sent me this little reminder that you should always hold on to your dreams.

I also try to paint as often as I can and with the holidays fast approaching, I have started painting ornaments for my Etsy shop. As I was out shopping last week I noticed our Hobby Lobby had put out their Christmas Decorations - I know, a bit early, huh? Anyway, I found several that I thought would be great to paint on. The first is a wood stocking painted in Bavarian white with a pink glittered cuff. The bells were originally brass but I sprayed them pink. I love the Santa with his pink hat and the rose on the fur. I also stamped pink snowflakes on the front and the back. As much as I like him, he will be heading to my Etsy shop. Then I found this pretty glittery tin puffed heart with cutouts on both sides. I just knew I could paint a little rose on it to make it even prettier - but I didn't really think it through. Once I started I soon found out it is very difficult to paint over this glittery stuff. But I managed to get one little rose on it and now I love it. It too will be heading to the Etsy shop.

Please welcome my friend Jeanne Downing to Pink Saturday. She is a beautiful artist and a wonderful teacher. This is her first time to participate in Pink Saturday and you just have to see her luggage. I am not sure how to insert the link but her blog is: JeanneDowning.blogspot.com.

See yall next week.


  1. Fabulous T-bird..
    I imagine they never had them here in Australia.. but of course I know them through tv!! the other education haha

    Lovely artwork.. you must have a lot of patience.. Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  2. Happy Pink Saturday! What a great little car, they just don't make em like that anymore. Have a great weekend, Nan

  3. I LOVE the pink T-Bird! I can picture myself in that car. Let's take a spin in it together. Afterall, it is not about comfort but about how you look!

    Your santa and ornament are beautiful! I love the soft pink of the stocking and santa's hat. A little glitter in the rose on the ornament will "bond" the two together.

    Thanks for encouraging others to visit my blog and the lovely comments about my painting.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, I love the car and the glitter on the ornament looks great! You gave it just what it needed! Pinky Hugs!

  5. Brenda you are an incredible painter... Love your style. and I'm going to spend some time here to get to know you... Please drop by my cottage anytime for tea I TOO LOVE teacups and saucers and have hundreds in my collection, and of course I ALWAYS have the "Kettle On", Hugs,Donna

  6. I really enjoyed my visit here. I have become a follower of your blog as well.

  7. Fun car-I bought a toy one at an antique mall a few weeks ago-if you can't have the big one-at least we can have a small one! Wishing you a Happy PS on my first PS!

  8. Lovely post!

    Thanks so much for sharing these absolutely beautiful lovelies with us!

    Please know that I always love having you visit and partake with our little of corner of blogland as well my dear lady!

    It's soon that time of the week once more for, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland'!..,

    You are most warmly invited to attend and also to partake with our little teatime delights for my 43rd,'Tuesday Tea for Two' as well as for my 34th, Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee' weekly blog teaparties held @ http://theplumedpen.blogspot.com

    ..,Last but not least in our little 'suite of tea party offerings' is the delightful, 15th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday' shared blog tea party meme that I share with my dear friend Pam @ http://breathoffreshairpaperbutterfly.blogspot.com

    ~The other 1/2 of the 15th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday' meme is my other meme, held also @ http://silkenpurse.blogsport.com blog..,

    As I am fond of saying; you can never have too many tea parties in blogland!..,

    Hope to see you there!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee


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