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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Isn't she a beauty?!! I loved her from the first time I saw her on a Sandra Lee episode and looked all over for one but, alas, there were none to be found. Then on a trip to visit my sister in New York we went out shopping (something we do a lot of). We stopped by Home Goods - we didn't have one here in Florida yet. I loved the store and picked up a few things. As I was in line at the register I had the hubby stay with the cart and walked over to an aisle that said "clearance". I can't just pass by one of those. And to my surprize there on the top shelf were three of these little beauties!! I was so excited I ran to the end of the aisle and hollered at my husband "I found her, I found her!!" (we holler in the south). I wasn't the least bit embarrassed that those in line turned around to look at me. And my sister, who also was in line knew it must be something good when she saw how excited I was and she whipped that buggy around and got over to that aisle as fast as she could with her hubby close behind (and one of the ladies from the checkout line was right behind him). It took all of about a minute for us to get those jars off that top shelf!! I didn't even put it in the cart, I carried mine to the checkout.

The problem was now to get her back to my sister's house in one piece (she lives in Pennsylvania and shops in New York). We were in a king cab truck and with very little room in that back seat - no worry, I wrapped that sweet little thing in a towel and hugged her all the way back to my sister's house (three hours). Then from Pennsylvania to Florida - she got her own comfy ride in a rubbermaid container all by herself - double wrapped in towels.

Now she has a place of honor at our house for every event we host. My grandchildren think it is the coolest to get their drink from this little beauty. At my Christmas party she is the center of attention when she holds the champagne punch (sometimes we have to hold back on the champagne). I just love her. And then the other day I found one almost like her at JoAnn fabrics in the wedding department!! Guess she is getting to be very popular.

That is my pink post for this week. Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see what everyone else is showing. There are some pretty terrific blogs over there and I know you will enjoy the visit.


  1. She is beautiful..and unusual!Thanks for showing..I really like your blog, and the things you have to say!

  2. She is very pretty, especially filled with pink stuff! I saw one last summer and I really should have picked her up because I have lots of company here but I really don't have the room for anything as big as her. I suppose I could have set her up on the fridge when she's not being used. But anyway, she's long gone now. If I ever see another she will likely accompany me home. I'm glad you got yours. Happy Pink Saturday!


  3. She is a beauty -and a great piece to serve from!!!!

  4. That really is a beautiful beverage dispenser. And what a cool story about finding it. Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. I can see why you love her ....she is gorgeous. I have seen one at a shop before but it was very expensive. I have a Home Goods by me...I will check it out.




  7. Oh my gosh, that is the most beautiful urn, we don't have Home Goods here but I do have JoAnns, wonder if I can find one there? I hopped over from Melissa's blog, I'm having a giveaway this week, I do hope you can pop in and say hello :)
    Hugs Denise

  8. She is so pretty!!!!
    I hope I can find one as lovely :)


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