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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pink Saturday- No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Welcome to Pink Saturday. This weeks theme is Favorite Holiday Music. I love all songs of Christmas but one in particular is special to me. "No Place Like Home for the Holidays". Being a military wife we traveled a lot and lived in many different places. I come from a very large family with lots of sisters and brothers and it was hard to have a Christmas without my family. I soon found out that the military is a family all its own. There were times when my husband would be on a military cruise lasting seven to nine months leaving my children and me alone for the holidays. But we lived in military housing which meant there were other families experiencing the same thing. They were our friends. We would all get together - mostly wives and children - cook up our special recipes, bring in Santa dressed in his finest (sometimes Santa was female) and have the best time with our children. It helped ease the loneliness for a while. So "No Place Like Home for the Holidays" had different meanings for me - being with my "big family" back in Florida, or it could mean having your husband home sharing the holidays with the children.

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays
'Cause no matter how far away you roam
When you pine for the sunshine Of a friendly face
For the holidays, you can't beat Home, sweet home.

I met a man who lives in Tennessee And he was headin' for Pennsylvania
And some home made pumpkin pie From Pennsylvania folks a travelin' down
To Dixie's sunny shore From Atlantic to Pacific, gee
The traffic is terrific.

Oh there's no place like home For the holidays, 'cause no matter
How far away you roam If you want to be happy in a million ways
For the holidays, you can't beat Home, sweet home.

For Pink Saturday I am showing one of my favorite ornaments - a Pink Flamingo. This pretty little bird is made from a gourd, painted pink with pink feathers attached. I just love Flamingos even though we do not see them in this part of Florida. As we traveled during our years in the military, Flamingos always reminded me of home. Please stop by Ms. Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to view the other pinks for this week. Merry Christmas, everyone.


  1. So true! Love that song. Your flamingo is cute! Happy PS!

  2. Hi Brenda,

    Love, love, love the pink flamingo. Can't get any pinker than that! Adorable post.

    I hope you are enjoying every moment of this holiday season.

    Have a great Pink Weekend,


  3. Brenda, a lovely share ... those pink flamingos always make me smile.

    Have a beautiful winter's eve ~
    Happy Pink Saturday ~
    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. I looooooove your comment on your sidebar about the military. I salute you for posting that. Happy pink saturday, chickee, and it's nice to meet you.

  5. A great holiday song. I think the pink oranment is the best.





  7. So cute...Merry Christmas!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  8. I'm with you re that song! Makes me think of the film Trains, Planes, Automobiles with John Candy.

    I've put a Mixpod of assorted songs on my blog today (only plays if you click it, so you don't get blasted with sound or a frozen screen) and I'm sure that's one of them. Here in the UK it's 10.46am on Saturday morning, as I'm typing - and it's snowing HARD. Matches my new freebie blog background set in fact, lol.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. What a great post!And I love that song too. Always makes me think of growing up in the mountains, and everybody in our family always tried to make it home for Christmas. The flamingo is cute too!!
    Love, Shirley

  10. Hi My Sweet painting friend,
    Oh how I love this post and your sharing of holidays at home. I can't think of anything better. I salute your husband, you and family for giving of yourselfes to keep our country safe. I know his missons were long and hard on you and the kids, but as a proud American, I so appreciate all he has done for this country.

    Your special holidays with military family was a blessing and what a treasure of memories you have.

    Love your pink flamingo and I love the song. It too is one of my very favorites having moved so much over the years too.

    Have a special Christmas sweet friend and pink flamingo days ahead!!
    Hugs from Texas,
    Celestina Marie

  11. My hubby is retired military and I totally agree with you. We had so many great friends that kept us from being too lonely during the holiday season. Happy Pink Saturday.

  12. Brenda, you flamingo is darling. He looks wonderful and it is hard to believe he is a gourd. I too love the same song and being with family for Christmas is just the best Christmas there can be.
    Wishing you Merry Christmas blessings.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  13. Nice post! I really like your blog!

  14. I can identify with the "military wife" - it's been a long time, but I remember. Terrific PS blog - thank you!

  15. I love pink flamingos! so fun! Thanks for sharing and very Merry Pinks to you and your family!

  16. Such a cute ornament. Happy Pink Saturday. Merry Christmas

  17. Hi Brenda
    What a pretty Blog, I love all your Painted ornaments, you are so talented, have never seen a Flamingo ornie before , very cute!
    Have a very Merrry Christmas!

    marian elizabeth

  18. Hi Brenda, that song is also a favorite of mine! I really enjoyed your ornaments, thank you for sharing.
    Hugs, LisaKay


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