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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little antique shopping

There is nothing better than visiting the Antique stores in our area. One nearby is called the Copper Possum - don't you just love that name? It is a really nice store - lots of room and so clean. I went with my good friend, Jane. She finds the neatest things in almost every booth, things I would just pass over - she sees. We spent hours going through each booth. I told myself before we set out on our visit that I would be good and only buy if it was something I really, really wanted. And on the most part I was good - but I couldn't pass up these darling baby shoes or the baby spoons. I really do not need another pair of baby shoes and for sure I do not need more baby or demitasse spoons, but the prices on these were so good - some of the booths even had 20%-50% off. Now the spoons will be painted and turned into ornaments for next Christmas and those little shoes - haven't decided what I will do with them but most probably will paint them. Oh, and I bought the little drawer in the picture for only $5 - not sure if it is from a sewing machine or what and it isn't detailed with any carvings but I liked its rather plain design - I plan to paint it anyway.

Now to other news - I will be doing a review for CSN stores (I have seen reviews and giveaways on a lot of blogs for CSN - a virtual store with everything you could wish for from baby to wall art and decor ) and I am excited. Check out their store - you will be amazed at all the things they carry. And I will let you know how it goes once the review is complete. It should be fun!!

Until Pink Saturday - have a great week yall.


  1. aww..love all your little treasures. I don't think I could have passed those baby shoes up either!
    "B" blessed!

  2. What sweet little vintage baby shoes. I am sure with your creative ability you will find use for them. I love going to estate and antique malls.

  3. The thrill of the hunt...don't you just love it!!

  4. Cute baby shoes. The drawer does look like it might be a sewing machine drawer. I have seen some pretty plain ones.

  5. Cute baby shoes. Antiquing is so much fun!

  6. I almost picked up some bronzed baby shoes in the thrift store the other day...

  7. Happy Pink Saturday Brenda Sweetie...
    Another gorgeous share. Love the little baby shoes. They are so precious, I know where you are headed with those babies. I agree the little drawer looks like a sewing machine drawer. Just beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with that one.

    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend sweetie. Thanks for the beautiful share. I will be watching for your CSN store giveaway. Love shopping though them.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry


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