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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

My mother and father had eleven children and I am right in the middle of them all.  Nine girls and two boys!!  Unfortunately, he did not live to see them as adults.  I was eighteen when he died at the early age of only fifty-seven so I felt I never got to know him.  I have memories though, of him taking us fishing, we played in the water catching crabs (I wonder why I had no fear of crabs then but am scared to death to pick one up now??).  I remember the Easter egg hunts where he would forget where he hid the eggs and had to help us find them.  And I remember he called all the girls "Tootsie" when they were babies.  I think it was easier than trying to remember everybody's name!  With so many girls in the family it wasn't unusual for him to call us by the wrong name - usually he had to go through the whole list of girls before he got the one he wanted - and he would become very frustrated.  Often the last name he would come to would be "Suzanna Jane."  We just knew to answer when it got that far - never knew who "Suzanna Jane" was because I didn't have a sister by that name!!  Not only was he the father of a lot of girls but he also had my mother's three younger sisters living with them after my grandmother died.  And I remember him calling my mother "Flossie" (her name was Florence) and how he would come up behind her while she was cooking and give her a big old bear hug, then often pinching her on the rear before he walked away (don't think we were suppose to see that).  I still sing the little song he would sing when we were about to get into trouble - "Oh, me lordy, turn me aloose, and I'll go back to the buzzard's roost".  We didn't know what a "buzzard's roost" was but we knew we had better straighten up or we were gonna "get it". 

He reminds me of James Dean in his younger days.  He was a good ole' boy from the south who often got into trouble, a very strict father but my mother's husband for more than thirty years and she never remarried after he died. 


  1. What a great post!And your Dad was a handsome man.
    I like big families..there were six of us.seven counting the sister who died at 6 weeks old. I was the youngest..most of my family have passed on,but memories are precious. Are there other artists in your family?
    I love your blog!

  2. Hi Brenda!
    Thank you for sharing some memories of your father with us! I'm so sorry that you lost him so young. It sure sounds like you had a blessed childhood filled with love and laughter and lots of family!
    My dad was 50 when he died 31 years ago and I know that we will both always be our daddies little girls :-)
    And YES!!! I do see the James Dean in his handsome face!!!

  3. Hi Brenda!
    I'm so happy you found my blog so I could find yours! Everything is soooo pretty!
    And I agree your father was very handsome! Your newest follower. Vanna

  4. Your father does have the look of James Dean! I like that picture of him! I am sure he would be proud to know how well you turned out!


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