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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's been a while....

Indeed, it has been a while since my last post.  Two months has a way of flying by especially in the summer with the grand children out of school.  And for someone who is so talkative I have not been in the mood to talk lately.  I am behind on painting my ornaments for Christmas, the carpet needs cleaning, the house is a mess, the baseboards need a good wipe and the windows - well, I don't do windows.  We do have clean clothes, that's a good thing.  I can't seem to concentrate and I really don't want to leave the house.  I would say I am depressed but I know that is not the case.  I know the culprit here and it is a website called Pinterest.  I love this site, I love seeing what others are doing to their homes, the recipes they are sharing, the gowns they are wearing to weddings, the fabulous shoes, the hairdos, the funny quotes and sayings, and the gardening - there is just so much on that site.  What a genius the person is to have come up with a pin board for all to share.  But like all things, you must take it in moderation.  I have already suffered through the pains of having an Ipad, now I must go through withdrawals because I have totally spent too much time looking at pins, repinning pins, and liking pins. 

Before I close this post there is just one more thing I need to do and that is share this pin I found of my favorite Pin Up Girl, Hilda.  Doesn't this exudes exactly how we feel at the end of the day, the best feeling of all when you can grab your favorite chair and a cup of your favorite brew, unsnap that bra and sigh....Oh, what a relief it is!

Disclaimer:  In case anyone is offended by Hilda's slightly nude body, I thought you should know a bit about her.  Hilda is a calendar girl painted by Duane Bryers who is now more than 90 years old.  She is a big girl which a lot of us can identify with but she is beautiful and he has been able to capture the many ways Hilda embraces life - you will find her in many funny situations and most will bring back a memory or two.  I treasure my 1971 calendar with the watercolor prints of Hilda swimming with the fishes, swinging on a tire swing, painting pictures and talking on the phone. 


  1. Hi Brenda, Oh this is so great and like Katherine says above, Hilda Rocks!!

    SO great to see you today and thank you for your visit and kind comment. I have missed you and was wondering what you are up to these days with the holidays upon us now. I imagine you are painting away designing your gorgeous creations.
    Thank you for the tip on the Triple Thick being offered in tube form. I have not seen it so I will keep a look out. In fact, I just purchased a new jar yesterday.
    Hope you are enjoying the start of a new season and all is well.

    Blessings always,
    XO Celestina Marie

  2. I like Hilda. Looking at her. I was thinking . That is what I will look like on Tuesday. All bare show and tell for yearly Mammogram. only I wont be

    sipping tea. How us gals love Mammograms. You either swing high or you swing low or side ways.

    Only Hilda is fuller firmer. ha,ha. Oh I know I am bad. I just could not hold back with Hilda.

    I have a calender of her. So I have the one where she is swinging in a bathing suit. I put a friends face over Hildas and a rope with Hilda

    hanging on tha tree. She loved it my firend. Hilda can be made in a cute and fun way.


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